Majid Benmlih founded AGI after spending 11 years as head of Morocco’s largest investment bank and an international property development company.

Majid headed up Attijari Finances Corp., Morocco’s leading investment bank for five years. During the 10-period that he spent with the bank, he oversaw or participated in some of the largest and most complex deals ever structured in Morocco and Africa.

He began his career in 2003 at Attijari Finances Corp. and was promoted to the post of Chief Executive Officer after just 5 years at the firm. Under his tenure, Attijari Finances Corp. registered a steep increase in turnover and profitability.

Due to his exemplary track record, values, dedication and putting clients’ needs above all else, Majid has acquired a reputation as one of the most trusted advisors to corporate boards, CEOs and shareholders in Morocco and across the entire region.

In 2012, Majid was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Palmeraie Développement Group, one of Morocco’s largest property development and hospitality companies with an extensive footprint in Africa. In addition to his managerial responsibilities, Mr Benmlih successfully steered a number of strategic projects including:
  • The sale of the company’s hospitality assets to Al Aabar, an Emirates-based company;
  • The initial public offering of Palmeraie Développement’s social housing subsidiary;
  • Restructuring the company’s governance team and its family shareholder structure.

Throughout his entire career, Mr Benmlih has established a unique network of relationships with business leaders, public figures and senior politicians throughout Morocco, Africa and the Middle East.

Anticipating significant growth in investment in 2018 in Morocco and Africa, Majid founded African Global Investment in 2017, convinced that an independent investment bank would serve clients’ interests more effectively than a universal bank. Mr Benmlih will leverage his unique experience of complex M&A deals and his impressive network of global contacts in carrying out deals of a highly strategic nature.

Majid remains the non-executive Vice-Chairman of Palmeraie Développement Group and is a Board member of each of the latter’s subsidiaries.